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Natalia Perez is a media composer, songwriter, and vocalist.


As an artist, Natalia hopes to use her love of voice, wordplay, and evocation to truly connect with her audience. She is forever guided by the desire to dive into the depths of the human experience and believes music is fluid in its role for the listener.


In addition to her personal projects, Natalia works under Emmy award-winning composer Mac Quayle, working on hit projects such as Mr. Robot (USA), 911 (FOX), 911 Lone Star (FOX), POSE (FX), and The Last of Us 2 (Sony). She has also contributed additional music to Gaslit ((Starz), American Horror Story (FX), Impeachment: American Crime Story (FX), The Pact (BBC) The Politician (Netflix), The Vow (HBO), and others.

When not writing music, she enjoys British architecture shows, the perfect slice of NY cheesecake, and live comedy. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 

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