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Original Music

You deserve music that is as unique as your story, hand-crafted specifically for your vision. No matter the style, no matter the genre, my specialty is to help you bring your story to life. 

Sound Design

Custom made sound effects guaranteed to not only make your project pop, but also enhance your story in ways you didn't think possible. 


Need an instrumental arrangement or a track produced? I can help you achieve your musical vision. 

Customer Service Policies

1. Deliver a product that meets your satisfaction in a timely manner. 

2. Create a safe and inviting space for you to share your ideas.

There's no such thing as a bad idea. Let's experiment!

3. Be flexible to the needs and concerns of your project. 

4. Have fun. We're making art after all. 


Pricing varies from project to project depending on its needs. Here are some things I factor: 

1. Deadline for delivery

2. Complexity of music

3. Amount of music

4. Production costs (live recording, musicians, etc.)


Want to collaborate together and make something awesome? Send a message to a get a free quote for your project. 


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